and a month later, her first two legs (of five) to earn her

Yeah, that's a big deal. I'm thrilled!


Canadian Kennel Club:
Champion, Companion Dog, Canine Good Neighbour, Rally Advanced, Draft Dog Excellent, Brace Draft Dog
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America: Courier Water Dog Excellent
Canadian Association of Rally Obedience:
Canada Rally Excellent, Canada Rally Novice Team
CyberRally Organization:
CyberRally Level 2
Agility Association of Canada:
Starters Game Dog of Canada
American Kennel Club:
Rally Novice, Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumpers, Novice FAST
Sporting Detection Dogs Association - Sporting Detection Started

June 2018 - Started Interiors and Containers in Nosework.

August 2018 - Finished Started with Exteriors, and got a leg in each of Interiors and Exteriors in Advanced. And I learned something about how to handle her searches.

May 2017 -

Well, we didn't work on heeling. Syn finished her CD degree anyway, with help from her stand-in pilot and favourite person, Jill Cairns.

August 2016 - COURIER WATER DOG!

Now that CWD is done! accomplished! under our collars! we can move on to less demanding pursuits like tracking, or heeling. Statistics and theoretical physics come to mind.

2015 was a slow year as well. Health hasn't been cooperating, but things picked up in November - Syn finished her Canada Rally Excellent title with a 196/200, and got a good start on Canada Rally Versatility with 2 legs, 190/200 on the first one, and a perfect score and High In Trial for her second.

And the next weekend, 4 CKC trials where she started - and finished - her Rally Advanced. 100/100, 100/100, oops, and 99/100.

In 2013 we did LOTS. In 2014, not so much - busy with grandkids and on-line teaching, and still basking in last year:

Draft Dog Excellent!
Brace Draft Dog!
Working Water Dog!
Starters Game Dog of Canada!
Rally Novice!
Novice Agility!
Novice Agility Jumpers!
Novice FAST!

8 titles in 2 months in 2 countries and 4 different venues. Granted some of them were novice titles, but Draft Excellent and Working Water Dog are not only advanced titles, they're TOUGH. I am SO proud of the little brown dog!

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Syn is a brown and white wavy Portuguese Water Dog bitch. Her breeder is Elaine Lyons Suter at Hunter PWDs in Michigan.

Her mother is Hunter's All Star Girl and her dad is Driftwood Shark Hunter.

So far Syn is little more than a turnip seed, just sprouting from the ground, starting to spread her new leaves and looking around to see what she can find. To destroy. Turnip seed on the rampage!

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This is Syn's dad, Am.Ch. Driftwood's Shark Hunter AX OAJ CWDX

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and this is mom, UKC Ch Hunter's All Star Girl CGC RN

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Wheee! Presents from friends!

Stacks Image 19

As Scuba showed Stitch how to behave in the kitchen,

Stacks Image 20

now Stitch shows Syn. The beat goes on...

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The following 4 photos were taken by Thomas Brezinski.

This marvellous shot is a still cut out of a documentary that Thomas is making about my family.

And people wonder why we call Syn the Flying Squirrel!
Stacks Image 22
Syn at her first water trial, relaxing after a hard day of earning her Junior Water Dog certificate. All together now - Awwwwwwww, isn't that CUUUTE?!
Stacks Image 23
Her gorgeous eyes.

Nah, I'm relatively indifferent to her.

And I have a really nice bridge I could sell you.
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And on the couch. For such an up-up-uppity dog, she sure knows how to chill!

This photo is by Thomas Brezinski as he was showing me a bit more about how to use my camera. If he lived near here, I might actually learn how to use it!