Steps To Success

It's wonderful to live down the block from an excellent clicker instructor who has room in her classes for your dog and plenty of time to coach you and give you advice and assistance in your training. Unfortunately very few of us live in Perfect...

We're left on our own a lot of the time, trying to come up with our own training plans, our own goals. Is there any sport in the world where coaching is held in less esteem?

These Levels are written for those who want a coherent training plan. They aren't aimed at obedience competition, or agility, or tracking, or any other particular sport or job. They're aimed at producing a dog who is a willing partner, eager to learn, happy to work, and having the basic civilization necessary to allow her the access she needs to do her job and to allow you the confidence to enjoy being and working with her.

The first Training Levels were written for my competition students "back in the day" They're here on this website, but they're ten years old and I've been doing a lot of thinking - and writing - since then. The NEW Training Levels books are available now - click here.