Lauren McDermott's Portuguese Water Dog, Reef, demonstrating the art of planking.

"I could get higher, but you said not to invoke the Darwin clause… "
Ari Kornfeld's Poodle, Darcy, reading one of the Training Levels books, complete with a slice of pizza.

"She says it can be used to train humans. So where's the part about training humans?"
Lynn Shrove's Weimaraner, Lily the Pink, trying to go to McDonald's.

"Keys. I always forget the dang keys!"
Lauren McDermott's Portuguese Water Dog, Ben, as Ben The Agitator (note the painting over Ben's left shoulder). Hard to be a great orator with a stuffy in your mouth, though!
Eileen Anderson's pretty Zani.

"If I had SHOES, I'd wear LIFTS. I'm short. I need all the help I can get!"
"Put the seat down. Put the seat down. Does she know how hard it is to put the seat UP with no thumbs?"

This is Marge Rogers' Rhodesian Ridgeback,
Mother PLEASE, eh? A little privacy goes a LOOOONG way!
Robin Walters' Standard Poodle, Josie.

"Why yes, Eeyore and I are cousins. Why do you ask?"
Robin Walters' Standard Poodle, Jonathan.

"Who's a handsome man? He's a handsome man! Yes he is, yes he is!"

It has been brought to my attention that Mr D is not, in fact, a Poodle, but a Poodle-Bichon cross. A Poochon. Or a Boodle.

Leaving me with only one choice - this 'shopped photo of the (ahem) "whole kit'n cat-Boodle"