July 8, 2004 - May 16, 2018
Thanks for stopping by, little girl. We'll miss you.


Canadian Kennel Club: Draft Dog, Brace Draft Dog, Companion Dog, Canine Good Neighbour
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America: Working Water Dog
American Kennel Club: Rally Novice, Novice Agility Jumpers, Canine Good Citizen
Canadian Association of Rally Obedience: Rally Versatility, Rally Novice Team, CARO Rally Bronze Champion

Stitch is long-since retired from her Real Job - being my Service Dog. She thoroughly enjoys being in charge of the TV remote, but a couple of years ago she earned her St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog certification, and then added her Child Certification - trustworthy amid screaming bouncing children and up for a pet any time of the day or night.

Then in order for Syn to get her Brace Draft Dog title, it was necessary for her to have a partner of appropriate size and training, so Stitch came out of retirement to assist Syn. Much to her surprise, BOTH dogs on a team get a title. Turns out Stitch didn't mind being on a draft team - as long as Syn called the shots (let's go, let's turn right, let's turn left) and Stitch got to just follow along. The part SHE really excelled at was the WHOA. She's BRILLIANT at WHOA!

Stitch is a black and white wavy Portuguese Water Dog bitch. Her breeder is Elaine Lyons Suter at Hunter PWDs in Michigan.

Her mother is Ch. Belouro Hunter's Tomgirl NAP, NJP, JWC and her sire is Cartmel Sea Comet.

Below, Stitch is using a trained paw-lift to interrupt my book-writing to ask me to get off my... chair... and please put her breakfast dish on the floor.

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Stitch did agility, drafting, tracking, obedience, rally, water trials, she was a service dog, and in her "spare" time she helped around the house...

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How I Spent My Winter Vacation
In San Diego they know how to make a dog park! Does it get better than this?

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Yes, it does!

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Second birthday picture.

Apparently when you cease to be a teenager, they expect you to get a JOB.


And does that mean the old bag gets to retire? And could she possibly retire somewhere that isn't in MY cart?

Stitch at her first agility trial, the PWDCA American National Specialty show, Maryland, September 2005.

This sums her up nicely, I think. Why jump 20" when you can jump 24?

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Can somebody explain this to me?

What exactly does killing the bunny have to do with not getting anything in my Easter basket?

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3 days.

Can't you just smell the puppy breath?

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Of course I'm much older and more mature now.

8 weeks

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15 weeks.

Really, I don't look anything like I did then.

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6 months. Who would recognise me now? This must be as big as a dog can get! Do I get the car keys this week?

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I still chase my tail, but I'm smart enough not to catch it any more.

Too often.

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I got a nickname. GM. Cool, eh?

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Yep, General Manager. There's a nickname a girl could sink her teeth into.

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Then I found out GM stands for

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Gaping Maw

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