Inside the Training Levels

compiled by Lynn Shrove
edited by Eileen Anderson, Wendi Borover, Christina Waggoner, Peggy McCallum, Cathy Matson, and Sue Ailsby

A rare glimpse "inside" the Training Levels from the early days to the present.
15 years have passed between the origin of the Levels and today's updated version
but the concepts were as current then as they are today.

Sue has the unique ability to zero in to the essence of the behavior or the concept.
She is direct and to the point.
Each word is there for a purpose.
And she is generous to a fault.

Lynn Shrove (AKA lynnherself) has collected Sue's internet writings since first discovering them over 10 years ago,
and has now put them together in this single volume,
where they are easily accessible to all.

As Sue herself reflects,

"What little girl, after all, ever didn't want to just be able to talk to the animals? 
What little girl didn't want her dog to be a sentient hero? 
A phrase my grandfather once used,
that I have carried with me since before I can remember, was
 'When we all lived in the forest and could talk to the animals... ' 
and I have cried out in desperation at the shame of humanity in that terrible loss, 
and spent my life trying to find that forest once again."

In this collection,
we join Sue on her wonderful journey.

Lynn Shrove